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 AutumnRain's Terms of Service.

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Crazy cat lady in the making
Crazy cat lady in the making

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AutumnRain's Terms of Service. Empty
PostSubject: AutumnRain's Terms of Service.   AutumnRain's Terms of Service. EmptyTue Nov 11, 2014 8:16 am

AutumnRain wrote:
(no updates; copied from WHF)

General ToS officially take effect April 12th, 2011.

These terms are subject to change.  By using my art you automatically agree to follow these rules.  If you break these rules, I reserve the right to remove you from my Permissions Lists.  This may also lead to contacting the administration.

Specific Terms*
Each piece of artwork that is posted on forums or an online gallery may have specific terms.  I may decide one character can be resold while I may decide that another cannot.  If my General Terms of Service may be affected by the Specific Terms, there will be a red asterisk at the end of the statement.

My Premade Characters
- With my permission, premade characters and reference sheets created by me may be resold.
- Premade characters and reference sheets created by me may be posted on any site.
- Premade characters and reference sheets created by me must always have my copyright somewhere on them.
- All credit for my art goes to me.

My Premade Poses/Rooms
- After purchase, my premades may be used on any graphical chat.*
- After purchase, my premades may be modified.*
- My premades may be bought for others.
- You may not ask for a refund once your name is on my permission list.
- You may not switch permissions, either for another pose or with another person.
- All credit for my art goes to me.

Custom Poses/Rooms
- Payment to me in exchange for custom art must be made AFTER the art is complete.
- You may NOT resell or trade my custom poses or rooms.*
- Custom poses or rooms created by me cannot be modified without permission.
- You may not ask for a refund once the pose or room has been completed.  When they they are completed, you must pay the price I asked for.
- All credit for my art goes to me.

Free Poses/Rooms
- My free artwork may not be posted on other sites without my permission.
- My free artwork may only be used where I have stated it can be used.  If a site is not listed, it cannot be used there.
- My free artwork can be modified.*
- All credit for my art goes to me.

Name Changes Policy
- I have no intention of ever changing the name AutumnRain or the name Condemned.
- If you change your name, please contact me via forum PM so that I can edit my Permission List accordingly.

- There are certain people who have permission to use all my freebies.  They may use my premades free of charge and they may use my freebies wherever they like.  For a list of people who have permanent permission to use my premades and freebies, go here.  People will never be removed from this list to avoid confusion.

If you discover an inaccuracy in my terms here and on other sites, please let me know through forum private messaging.

My alternate usernames:
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AutumnRain's Terms of Service.
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