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 Coloring your pose for .10 deltas.

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Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. Empty
PostSubject: Coloring your pose for .10 deltas.   Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. EmptySat Jun 20, 2015 5:20 pm

Here are some examples of my coloring:
None of these poses are free, do not use. They are all
copyrighted to Kesame, and are premades I have purchased.

Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. 3_12l_by_schizophrenicfennec-d8y2rdi
Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. 2_3big_by_schizophrenicfennec-d8y2rdt
Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. 1_12l_by_schizophrenicfennec-d8y2rdz
Coloring your pose for .10 deltas. 1_4l_by_schizophrenicfennec-d8y2re2

I color poses for .10, .20 if your character is ridiculously hard.


-Must have a reference or a damned good description.
-I will not mod.
-Poses either must be free, or you must have permission to use them.

I require payment first.
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Coloring your pose for .10 deltas.
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