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 Outcasts,Rogues, and Loners.

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Outcasts,Rogues, and Loners. Empty
PostSubject: Outcasts,Rogues, and Loners.   Outcasts,Rogues, and Loners. EmptyMon Aug 25, 2014 6:10 pm

Hello there!

Currently I am an administrator of a chat site named Outcasts,Rogues,and Loners. Hence the topic title.

I am a Beta on there and we are wanting our site to become more popular. And by doing that, we are trying to fix up our site a little bit to fit the liking to you, the users.

If you wish to know about this site:

Where everyone lives equally in this cruel world of ours.
With no one to judge us. To be free.
To be an Outcast.
To be a Rogue.
To be a Loner.

Current administrators of the site include:




And that's it with all of our administrators! I do hope you consider to come and join us. We would highly appreciate it.

And soon, we are hoping to get more rooms, change the map, and even the Home Page!

If anyone would like to help with any of that please PM me or message me via chat lands. I'll help you get contacted with one of our Alphas about that. c:

Have a wonderful day/night and we hope to see you soon!
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Outcasts,Rogues, and Loners.
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