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 Role Play Guide

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PostSubject: Role Play Guide   Role Play Guide EmptyTue Sep 23, 2014 10:32 am

The complete role play guide can be found here:

RP 'Definition':

Roleplaying involves taking the role of someone/something other than yourself.
For example, if you've ever played games such as Naruto, Final Fantasy, Call of Duty, Pokémon, or others, they all can be classified as roleplay games, but are only some examples. Games in other genres are not necessarily an exception.

In this case though, Roleplay involves taking the role of an animal based character. Such as the main animals for this website, wild and domestic felines. We also allow your own creations but remember, they have to be at least 80% feline to be used on this site.

Of course some may think taking on the role of another is hard but it's actually fairly easy. It's all about knowing your facts with what you are taking the role of. For instance, if your character is a female cougar, you don't have to be a genius to act out the simple realistic actions of a Cougar, you just have to know where you limit yourself.

All rules listed below MUST be followed. If they are not followed then a ban may be placed on your account.

Roleplay in Public Rooms Rules:

Poses are not to be used to continuously click around, or to be changed constantly to match your actions/feelings.
Nor should they be used to 'mount' or create any sexual activity in public rooms.

Allowed swear words:

Only the ones listed above may be used in your role plays/chats.

God modding is not allowed! You cannot dodge EVERY attack and someday everyone has to die. Play fair!

Do not harass other users. RP or not.

Mating is not allowed in public! Whisper it or go into your own privet rooms. Only thing allowed in public rooms is cuddling.

Please note, CPI IS NOT a site made for just Warrior cats role play alone. It's just a feline role play site and chat.

Also, for those who do role play Warriors must know that 'killer clans' are not allowed. They are unfair for the other users who just want to role play their own thing without being chased down by one of those clans.

Roleplay Rules:


1. Stay in character.
2. Be original, don't copy another person's idea.
3. Keep vulgar language to a minimum.
4. Sexual actions(mating) are played out through whisper or your own private rooms.
5. Be realistic. God-mode play and Power-Play are not allowed.
6. Role play fighting is allowed but you must be careful with how you word things. (Some people don't take death threats too lightly, even if it is just roleplay.)
7. You must ask permission if you wish to play a character that isn't a wild cat or dog.
8. If you are offended by the way someone is roleplaying, tell an admin.
9. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation the best you can! We don't want to confuse others.

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Role Play Guide
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