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Hello everyone. Because these forums are no longer being moderated, we have disabled posting for members. You will still be able to read posts, but not create, edit, or delete your own. You can find our new forums here: If you require any help, feel free to address an administrator in chat, or privately message one on our new boards. Thank you!


 Technical Support FAQ & How to Report Bugs

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Technical Support FAQ & How to Report Bugs Empty
PostSubject: Technical Support FAQ & How to Report Bugs   Technical Support FAQ & How to Report Bugs EmptySat Apr 25, 2015 2:08 pm

What is a bug?
A bug is a little piece of broken code that ends up affecting the chat or forums in some negative way. It is a technical problem or glitch that alters the appearance or behavior of Cat's Paw Island.

How do I know if I've found a bug?
Usually you'll know if you've found a bug because the site is acting in a way that is contrary to its normal or functional behavior. For example, if you've changed your pose and the colors are suddenly all wrong, or you're having trouble logging in due to connection issues, that could be a bug.

What should I do if I think I've found one?
You can use two methods to report a bug. Remember to always answer all of the following questions:

    *When did this problem begin?
    *What were you doing before the problem began?
    *Were there any error messages?*
    What browser were you using?
    *When was the last time you updated your browser?
    *What operating system are you using? (E.G., Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.)
    *What have you done to remedy the problem?
    *Any other important information?

You can fill out a Problem Ticket to report a bug, or you can post a topic in our Technical Support forums.

Don't forget to do a quick forum search to make sure someone else hasn't reported the same bug! We'd like to keep all reports about a specific bug in one thread to keep track of its progress properly, so if you find a topic wherein someone posted about the same issue you're experiencing, simply reply to that topic.

If you have any bug-related concerns, don't be afraid to post! Our admins are standing by to assist you.
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Technical Support FAQ & How to Report Bugs
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